taxable tax‧a‧ble [ˈtæksəbl] adjective TAX
if something is taxable, you must pay tax on it:

• Money in the account is taxable.

• investors who buy taxable bond funds

* * *

taxable UK US /ˈtæksəbl/ adjective FINANCE, TAX
taxable earnings, goods, assets, etc. require a particular amount of their value to be paid to the government: »

The report shows taxable sales dropped nearly 10%.

taxable as sth »

Distributions from short-term capital gains are generally taxable as ordinary income.

taxable to sb »

Dividends generally are taxable to shareholders at the time they are paid.


The sale of shares of the Fund is a taxable event and may result in a capital gain or loss.


Her house has a taxable value of $53,777.


taxable capital/earnings/investments


taxable accounts/assets/dividends

taxability noun [U]

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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